Saturday, July 14, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: What they’re not Telling You - Part 1

Artificial intelligence (AI), also called machine intelligence refers to computer or machine software that displays the ability to do one or more of the following: analyze information, identify patterns and relationships, store and maintain a large amount of knowledge,  perceive the world around us,   communicate with understanding and learn.  If this sounds to you a lot like the behavior traits associated with the intelligence of the human mind, it’s because the human mind is also an AI system.  Specifically, whereas each huMan being consists of a physical body of mankind, plus a being (sometimes called the spirit or life force), we also happen to come equipped with an AI system  called the mind consciousness system. Accordingly, other than the humans, being considered organic and machines being synthetic, the main difference between the AI minds of the most advanced computer systems and that of the human mind is simply the absence of a conscious (I think therefore I am) “self” awareness within and as the AI computer systems themselves, which btw is also the primary quality or handicap (depending on how you look at it)  that differentiates the human race from other animal species of planet Earth. 

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