Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's the Correlation between Real Democracy and the Distribution of Money?

Debating what constitutes ‘real’ democracy is like debating what constitutes real air or real water. Like the air that we breathe and the water that we drink what really matters is the "natural" quality of each and every one of the components of life that together equate to the quality of the nature of all life of planet earth.  

Likewise, when it comes to a system of democracy of the people, what really matters is the quality of the democracy which I would define as the degree by which it provides each member with an equal opportunity to expressly participate in determining the quality of the collective. 

Just as the quality of water is determined by its components in relation to one another, the optimal state being relationships of equality, water from an ecosystem, so too is the quality of democracy determined by its constituents in relation to one another, the optimal state being relationships of equality or democracy within an equality system. As such, the degree of democracy we achieve in designing new systems for humanity is dependent upon and defined by the degree of equality designed into and provided for in the workings of the  system, the optimal democracy being one wherein all I’s are standing in equality in relation to one another.  

Accordingly, in consideration the current world system of money, I suggest that in designing a new system of democracy, we base it on a system of quantifiable equality so that we’re all on the same page when it comes to assessing the degree of real democracy that we are currently participating in and/or striving to create. 

Real democracy is a collective expression of real equality, the ‘equality’ being each member’s equal opportunity to expressly participate in the decision making processes that determine the collective expression. Consequently, within the current world system, the degree or quality of any democracy that we participate in or care to create is equivalent to the degree at which the resources are equally distributed as represented in the distribution of money – that which govern one’s preoccupation with survival, the quantifiable factor that limits one’s ability to fully participate.  

In short, as real democracy is one and the same as real equality, each step we walk in the direction of equalizing the distribution resources – as represented in the distribution of money – will also be a ‘quantifiable’ step in the direction of attaining real democracy. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Real Authority within the World System of Humanity

The problem of false authority figures being promoted as having power and control over the world system of humanity is really just a misunderstanding (by the people) as to the source of power and the nature of real authority. 

The power that we the people perceive to be overly vested in an elite minority is no more real than their authority over the majority. In reality, the power and authority that the money masters supposedly hold over us is  but an illusion rooted in our fear for survival, that hinders us from establishing commonsensical relations with one another and all else that is physically here.  

The reason the power and authority of the minority looks so massive to the masses is because of the massive power void left by the failure of the majority to collectively stand as the real authority. 

Competition for resources (such as food and water) that we require to survive)  is an outflow of human's fear of not surviving.  From this fear of not having enough resources comes the desire to have more than a fair share of that which earth unconditionally gives to  us all. The winners and losers of the game of competition to survive are represented in the hierarchy of money as economic divisions within society. Herein the question arises: as earth unconditionally provides all the resources necessary to survive, how is it that so much of the world's population is still locked into slavery, forced to pay their masters for the right to survive? 

The problem as well as the solution is within our system of money. A paper bill with six zeros on it releases no more energy when burned than does a one-dollar bill. Yet, in exchange for that piece of paper with six zeros printed on it, a farmer will walk away from the land his family has tilled for generations. His illusion lies in the hope that we'll all continue buy into the same illusion of the power of money, just long enough for him to pass his paper on to someone else as trade something of real value.  Money has no real power over anyone; yet as long as we collectively give money the power over us, we will continue to live in fear as slaves to the money masters. In the game of Capitalism, which player would you rather be, one who labors for the money, or one who prints the money, a money master?

Democracy of the people by the people for the people within the current world system is also but an illusion of real authority, a void without common sense, wherein we the people perceive ourselves to be responsible citizens when we cast our votes for new authorities and then expect them to take all the responsibility for us. These elected officials at which we point our fingers are false authority figures of false democracies of a world system based not on equality, but on the hierarchy of money. 

Wherein democracies do not accept the authority of all the people to participate in all the decision making processes, the obvious solution is for the people to stand together to create a new system based on the real democratic authority of the majority standing in equality - each one with equal opportunity to participate in any of the decision making processes. 

Imagine what would happen to the illusion of elite power and control if the majority were to (from the starting point of the principle of equality) stand together and use the Internet as a network of real democracy. Open Source Information is not a problem, it's part of the solution.

Whether it is written in awareness or written by mistake, each one of us equally as one, writes in the book of life, inscribed by the choices we make in relation to one another. When we accept and allow inequality in any part of the world system, we essentially give up our ability to become the authority and change the story. However, in seeing, realizing and understanding our individual and collective responsibilities as equal-and-one participating components of humanity, we gift to ourselves the opportunity to once again become authors in awareness to collectively write humanity's new course. 

Real authority arises within and as the starting point of one standing in the principle of oneness and equality in self-honest consideration what is best for all. In other words, when one self-honestly directs self in relation to all from the starting point goal of achieving outcomes that are best for all, he or she creates self as a point of real authority. This starting point is one that we are all able to stand as, so to take our proper roles as real authorities in determining (for ourselves and for all) the best course for all of humanity.