Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Understanding the current form of Democracy for the purpose of Redefining and Redesigning it

Ever wonder why we the people of societies have not been able to eliminate government corruption, and why politicians have been unable to stop unscrupulous無良 activities of business men and women eager急于 to profit even if it means importing meat laced with Ractopamine or poisoning a nation's food and water supplies? 

To put It simply, it is because our various systems of government, especially those of modern-day democracies have all been designed to be subordinate下屬 to and thus defined by the hierarchy等级制度 of money. Accordingly, all systems such as the educational system, judicial system and so on within the world system are there to serve the people's money, but not the people. Why? Because this is the way the system is designed. All systems within (and as) the world system of humanity are based on the hierarchy of money wherein the value of everything can be defined in money, thus putting a price on of life and allowing anyone with enough money to get away with cutting down the rain forests, poisoning the oceans and even mass murder. 

Take for example representative democracy. What is this centuries old design of public administration still doing in the age of information communications technology? Certainly, in the days of horse travel and communications by printed-news and word of mouth, this form of limited people's participation (wherein a minority make the decisions for the majority) probably made some sense simply because it wasn't technology feasible可行的 to include all the people's voices in the decision making processes. 

Nowadays however, we have the communications technology and the infrastructure in the form of the Internet wherein we are able to instantaneously瞬間 communicate with one another while openly sharing all information so as to enable all of the people to expressly participate in a form of real democracy, open source and direct.

The reason democracies have never functioned the way people always hoped for is because our democracies have never been but in name, democracies of, by and for the people. They have always been democracies of the money by the money for the money. By accepting and allowing Money to become the dominant統治 system within humanity, we as humanity ended up also accepting and allowing money to override and therefore redefine the design of all other systems within the world-system of money; hence the inability to eliminate corruption in any society without concurrently同時 addressing and correcting wealth inequality within the system.

Why hasn't a new form of democracy yet materialized物化
Establishing a foundation of real (participatory) democracy of the people by the people for the people is a process of people taking responsibility by investigating how the world functions, realizing where the problems lie, designing solutions, and then standing as those solutions so to change the system of democracy by stepping up and becoming it. This is what (real) democracy of the people by the people for the people is all about, all the people taking responsibility for all the things.

Unfortunately, this process of people taking responsibility is being hindered by massive amounts of programming/brainwashing of the masses in efforts to keep the people from realizing our potential, that which we begin to accomplish when we stand united in the principle of equality rather than divided along the lines of liberal豁达 and conservative保守 ruling parties. 

Who is behind the brainwashing of society, bankrolling負責籌集 the efforts to keep people dumbed-down believing that our current forms of democracy are representative of the majority when in reality they are not? Ask yourself who benefits the most by keeping elitist-traditions精英主义传统 alive. The elite of course, those with most of the world's money, those who are currently in power and control. Eighty-five (85) of the richest people in the world now have more money than 3.5 billion of the poorest people in the world; where's the democracy/equality in that?

A minority (called government) in the service of those with the most money write the laws, tell us what we can eat, drink, think, buy, sell, plant, smoke, the places we may go and not go, and finally the penalties刑罰 should we disobey their laws and get caught. That we of so-called democratic代議制民主 societies do not even have a say in our national budgets國家預算, how much money goes to education, the education curriculum課程, minimum wadges, taxation, war, etc., is testament遺書 to the reality that today's so-called democracy is little more than an elaborate-hoax精心設計的騙局 wherein we the people have come to believe that in voting every now and then, we are making the decisions, when in reality the only votes being counted are those of the currencies貨幣 of money. It's called democracy of the people, but really it's just another form of mass manipulation操作, governmental systems in the service of money designed to keep a very small minority in positions of power control.

Although, we have excelled rapidly in information technology, we seem to have stumbled when it comes to using common-sense reasoning abilities to determine the difference between democracy of the people and autocracy專制 of the money. Why else would societies still be allowing our most important decisions to be decided upon by small groups of individuals who (other than the fact that they are also human) do not represent the majority of society? 

Somewhere along the lines of education-indoctrination灌輸 and mass-media大眾媒體 brainwashing, we as children to adulthood came to believe that government representatives represented the majority of the people when in reality, political representation (call it "a favor" if you will) goes to those who have the money and are willing to pay for the favors.

Look beyond the illusion幻觉 (beyond the veilsof government institutions機構 of corporate interests公司權益) to see the reality of the hierarchy等級 of the world system, the hierarchy of money that currently defines humanity. All systems within and as the world system of money: politics, education, judicial司法 and so on are currently within and subordinate下屬 to the world system of money, the almighty Dollar, Euro, Yuan, and so on, leaving us with the reality that democracy in coexistence共存 with the current world system of inequality has never been but an illusion of people's equal ability to participate in the political process. 

We as humanity have accepted and allowed the power of money to prevail战胜 over the equality of life; thereby, limiting each one's ability to expressly participate (within humanity) to the sum of money-power that he or she currently possesses or controls. This is why it's called the politics of money, and why nothing in this world gets done without sufficient sums of money. 

Consequently, even if a president or legislative representative does attempt to represent the majority of the people's interests ahead of the interests of those with the most money, he or she is likely to find it very difficult to get re-elected due to the fact that such politicians require large sums of money to finance their election-campaigns競選 in order to get into power and stay there. Keep this in mind the next time you decide to point a finger and blame politicians.

In understanding what is currently here as democracy of the money by the money for the money, we the people are able to unite in the principle of equality to design a new form of democracy, one that supports all. The opportunity is for us to utilize information communications technology of the Internet to equally enable all members of society to participate in the process of making all of society's decisions. How do we do this? As always, the journey for each one begins with the first step.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Battle Cry of World War III

As more people begin to stand up in the realization that real change is a doing that comes not from the external world-system but from within through a process of self change standing as the principle of equality in relationship to all, we who are in the process of standing as the principle of equality are making a difference, changing the world for the betterment of all.

Through the Internet, we the people in networks of relationships are uniting in words and deeds to take responsibility for ourselves and for all of this world. One by one, each of us that stand united in the principle of equality effectively turn-off a percentage of the flow of power to the elite; thus deconstructing the hierarchical pyramid of elitism one pillar at a time simply by standing as the  directive principle and taking our power back. This is the power that we the people have historically sacrificed within the design of elitism, allowing a few to harness and drain the power of our mind/physical bodies as well by following the way of competition in fear of one another, thus leaving us divided and powerless.

What was deemed by many to be the elites' most advanced weapon of mass enslavement is now turning out to be one of our most useful tools for unveiling the secrets that have birthed the fear. 

Humanity is entering into extreme times, and how we direct ourselves in mind and body will determine and or define not only our futures but the course of mankind. The choice as has always been is continue our race to the end or to simply stop the competition, stand up and live the principle of equality defined as it has been for thousands of years. Give unto others as you would have them give unto you, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Here are the keys to ending all wars; here are the keys to equality.

Although the battle has just begun and the war with ourselves is far from over, we who have stood and directed our words in common-sense consideration of what is best for all have shown the world but a glimpse of what we all-together are able to accomplish when we let go of our self-defeating weapons of blame so to cooperate in directing our will to the cause of equality, a world of stability wherein no man, woman or child need fear anymore for their survival because they were not born into the privileged bloodlines of the hierarchy of money.

In looking at the world at large, it may seem as though World War III is inevitable, but I say it is not. Nothing that was ever-written, physically manifested until the words became deeds lived and done; thus as we still breathe so too is there opportunity to change the course of humanity, stop and reverse the cause of war, the race to have more that has led to the experience of inequality. It's not economy stupid; it's inequality.

World War III need not be, but if there be a battle cry, let it be the sound of unity, one wherein we who would fight instead unite standing hand in hand to end all strife simply by living the principle of equality to thus reverse a world in reverse.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Changing Self Changes the World

Life (in all forms) is defined and/or determined by and through one's relationships. These relationships from the small of each of us to the big of the world-system (of humanity) define and/or determine the nature of each of us as ones of humanity. Therefore, to change the nature of humanity so to stop and reverse the decline and degradation of earth and human kind, each one/person requires to change the nature of self – as the small that make up the big – to thus change the nature of humanity.

Although this may seem an impossibly massive project, when we take it down to the smallest point of each one's responsibility – the point wherein one is able to change, it becomes simply a matter of enough people uniting in the commitment to change for the betterment of all, and then doing so step-by-step until the united mass of change overrides the current flow of deterioration and transforms it to improvement.

Self-change for the betterment of all occurs when one realizes that relationship points in which he or she is currently participating within are not beneficial or best for all, and therefore changes his or her relationship participation within these points to reflect the consideration of what is best for all.

By determining and living self-change, one determines the nature of self, who one is in relation to all while also re-defining all's relations in relation to self, thus changing all from the point of self as all in relation to self. 

The opportunity here is for each one to walk the perfect journey, the path of self-perfection, being and becoming that which is best for all, that which is best for self, changing the nature of self to change the nature of humanity to live the principles of oneness and equality within what is best for all.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Changing the Nature of our Nations

We, the I's of communities, cities, states and nations are the I's that define and / or determine through our relationships the nature of ourselves, the nature of our nations, the nature of humankind.

Be we the people of apathy and ignorance or we the people integrity standing as pillars of equality within and as what is best for all, we as the I's of societies, the ones of humanity weave the web of relationship lines, the designs that define and/or determine the nature of ourselves, the nature of our nations, the nature of humanity.

In understanding how each one of us participates through our actions or inaction (notice the two words are basically identical), we enable ourselves to take charge of not only the directions of our individual lives but also the directions of our nations and the direction of humankind.

Historically, there have always been movements in our world but they have not always considered the rest of the world in the sense that, not all relationships outflows were taken into account; therefore, some might have benefited while others suffered. For example, the quest for ever cheaper products, has resulted in lost jobs and lower wages.

Key to understanding how to change the workings of our nations is to understand that: 1) Everything is interconnected; 2) As we are the people of our nations, the only way we're going to change the workings of these nations is to change the workings of their constituent components, ourselves.

Calling on the 1% to change their behavior to make the world a better place is like calling on guns and grenades to stop the wars without considering wherein "I as one in relation to all" have accepted the existence of war and through my actions or inactions am allowing it to continue.

When looking at the roles one's actions or inactions cause, it's necessary to be self-honest and not participate in the game of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Investigate all things, especially where your money is going. You may be surprised to find that the same corporations that produce your favorite brands of food substitute also profit from the miseries of war - wherein similar products are also used to poison the water supplies or defoliate the trees. From these investigations, consider “who I am” in relation to where my money is going/supporting. Be self-honest and simply change these relationships. Or don't change them; you decide, just please do not deny/our your abilities to make a difference.

When we point our fingers in blame, demanding that others take action and reform, we deny our roles as the living integrals that make up the interconnected relationships of cause and effect; thereby abdicating – to the extent that we deny – our ability to stand as authorities and take responsibility for determining and implementing change to effect solutions.
  • Who makes the bombs? We the people do!
  • Who fight the wars? We the people do!
  • Who comprise and compromise our nations? We the people do!
  • Who enforce the laws? We the people do!
  • Who collect the Taxes? We the people do!
  • Who collect the debts? We the people do!
  • Who is humanity? We the people are, 100%!
  • How do we change the world? 
  • We change what we will accept and allow in our relationships!
The small percentage of the population that we call the elite do not enforce upon the masses the income gap, the distribution of wealth, the distribution of resources,  minimum wages, taxes, laws, etc. We ourselves do! We the people are the only ones able to change the state of inequality or our nations, the nations of humanity.

Solutions such as Living Income Guarantee are ready to be implemented. The catch is that, the one percent is not going to do it; not because they agree or disagree with equality but because they are not able to do for the masses that which each one requires to do for one's self, change the nature of one's relationships to the nature of equality within what is best for all.

To become an integral part of the big solution, look inside of self; for it is here within and as the small of each-one's relationships that we define and/or determine the nature of ourselves which in turn defines and/or determines the nature of the bigger relationships – all the way on up to the nature of humanity.

Our Votes as living/breathing constituents of nations of peoples of humanity are not yes, no, for and against pieces of paper that we slip into boxes. Our 'living votes' as the determinants of the workings of our communities, cities, states and nations are the who we are (in thought, word and deed) as components of the relationships in and as the small of ourselves in connection to one-another/all, that form the relationship components of the world system, the nature of humanity, the collective reflection of the natures of ourselves.

Each One-I of humanity has a responsibility as the ability to determine who each is in relation to all. Walk to live and become a pillar of responsibility/integrity and participate in determining the nature of self, the nature of humanity and the future of humankind. Abdicate this responsibility, and . . .

Life is defined by and in relationships. As such, the best that one is able to be really is of (relationship) equality within and as what is best for all. Our responsibilities to ourselves, one-another and all, are to become the best that we are able to be and become - that which is in all ways best for all. Giving and doing unto one another as one would in-turn be given and have done unto is the gift that we give ourselves by giving it to one another.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is Taiwan ready for Direct Democracy?

Once again the debate is raging in Taiwan on weather or not to finish and then perhaps one day begin operating the Gongliao number 4 nuclear power plant.

The two main questions currently being debated appear to be on the safety of nuclear power (whether or not it is appropriate for Taiwan) and whether or not Taiwan has a real need for “nuclear” power.

Although these two points are valid issues, I would say that there is a more pertinent issue at hand. This is the question of whether or not the people of Taiwan are ready to begin making decisions of such significance or whether such decisions should remain in the hands of politicians of political parties.

In the days before communication's/information technology of the Internet, Representative Democracy was perhaps the best of the limited options available for the people of Taiwan to participate in government by choosing which politicians got to make all of the decisions. 

Nowadays however, with advances in communication's/information technology, the only barriers to real/direct Democracy are the psychological ones, those voices that keep telling the people that only a few are qualified to determine what's best for all the people.

So again I ask, are the people of Taiwan ready to begin making their own decisions? If so, then I suggest taking charge of the argument and directing it towards instituting a new form of online Direct Democracy wherein all proposals, debates and votes from the community levels on up can be conducted online, on the Internet.

Don't be fooled by the arguments against Direct Democracy and online voting. They (I would say) are mostly made by those unfamiliar with modern technology, and by those who fear losing the traditional power base afforded to those born into elite families, those with better education and more money.

The reality of Direct democracy and online voting is that we already have the technology and it is extremely difficult to falsify the results. For example, in the case of a simple yes/no votes on rules and regulations, voters would need only use their ID numbers to register to vote and then vote. As soon as one has finished voting, he or she could go to another page with all the votes next to their corresponding ID numbers so as to check that his or her vote and all other votes have been correctly counted. Of course, there are some more safeguards that may be required. However, the bottom line is that in opening up the entire process – from proposal to vote – to full public participation and public scrutiny, the people take responsibility for the people to ensure that the degree of Democracy as the collective will of the people is based on the standing participation of the people and no longer dependent on just the few.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The infancy of (real) Democracy, (real) Equality

These are the early days, the infancy of (real) Democracy, (real) equality wherein We the people are learning how to cooperate in directing our words and deeds to create solutions that are best for all. 

The participation of each human being in forming this world has always been real-time. What has been lagging behind is a comprehensive understanding of how we participate in what we are all creating.

This is now changing, trending towards real-time feed-back (via information/communications technology of the Internet) providing us with an increasingly detailed map of the relationship lines of the cause and effect of our direct and indirect participation within and as the world system.

In essence, what we are now being presented with is one Hell of an opportunity to in seeing the design/schismatics (the interconnectedness of the current world system), understand how it functions and then redesign it to one that is supportive for all, the goal being equality within what is best for all.

The path to understanding and living (real) Democracy, (real) Equality will be as easy or as difficult as we individually and collectively make it. We are the world within and as the relationships we accept and allow; therefore, to change the world is to change ourselves, stand up and participate so as to become the change that we are becoming.

In other words, each one of us is an equal-life component as a determinate of the manifested collective/whole of humanity. Therefore, if we disagree with the way the world-system currently works (which I for one do), all we require to-do to change the way it works is to change ourselves as the system. Specifically, in changing the way we ourselves relate to all parts of the system, we as the system change the system to our new collective specifications.

As a principled standing, I vote we create a system based on the principles of oneness and equality within what is best for all. However, one vote does not a collective decision make, and this is one of the really cool functions of what we are becoming aware of and so co-creating, our collective destiny. Be it an eternal living hell for all or an equal opportunity for all to live dignified lives, we are all equally responsible for determining and so creating the new world.

Democracy as the collective expression of Equality requires participation, and this is exactly what I have been seeing in its infancy on the world stage, people collectively standing and participating in directing world events. Our degree of progress is reflected in the changes taking place throughout the world that are clearly aligned to the directive participation or collective will of the people.

For example, recall the events leading up to the United State's impending attack on Syria, and the buildup of the collective directive of millions of Netizens united in the stand of “do not attack Syria.” In that instance, the people-power or participatory stand of the masses of “Do not attack Syria!” was a collective directive, an example of the democratic “people power,” participatory Democracy in its infancy, channeled to and through Vladimir Putin for him to carry out the people's directive, which he did.

How do I figure all this? It's just guesses, theories of dots and their relationships to outcomes. In the future, perhaps soon on the path to Direct Democracy, we will no longer need to guess, because we'll all have equal access to all information, accountable information.

To change the system of hierarchical power and control of Money to a system of Democracy/Equality, we the people require we stand up and do it, become what we are becoming, self directed, caring for all.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Delusion of 'Representative' Democracy

What is “Representative” Democracy doing in the age of communications/information technology? It's like having all of our most important decisions, phone calls and emails transferred to people who we've never even met but we voted or abstained from voting for them or their opponents to represent us because somewhere along the lines of cultural teachings or indoctrination we came to believe that this was the system of Democracy, the right to participate at various levels of “the process of deciding which few will be granted the rights to make the actual decisions.”

They write the laws, tell us what we can eat, drink, think, buy, sell, plant, smoke, places we may go and not go, and finally the penalties should we disobey their laws and get caught. That we of so-called Representative Democracy countries do not even have a say in our national budgets, how much money goes to education, the education curriculum, minimum wadges, taxation, war, etc., is testament to the mockery of Representative Democracy being anything more than a well orchestrated scam.

As far as I know of the history of government control the of masses, it's always been this way, the few the proverbial 1% making deals, hosting dinners starting wars, and leading the parades while the rest of us, the 99% are left with the right to choose from amongst the choices we are given, sometimes a few and sometimes none at all. It's called Democracy, but it's really just another form of control, a governmental system in the service of Money.

In high school, I remember having an image of the USA as special. We had the freedom to choose. This was Democracy that we had fought for and won, and it was our moral obligation to spread our way of life throughout the world. Later on, I set off with this mission in mind, looking for a fight to do my part, make things right. But the contradictions, they just kept on coming, and soon I began to realize that what I had been taught in school about the dream of Democracy was just that or more like a nightmare particularly for those unlucky enough to live in areas of resources – such as water sources for family farms – that could later be confiscated and sold off to foreign corporations to pay the interest on unsustainable (foreign) debts.

Years later, the brainwashing of my education, acculturated in competition, the justification for winning at all costs in spite of the loss has faded to the physical reality of my demise and the demise of humanity simply because we have not had the foresight and/or courage to place common sense ahead of the illusion, see beyond the veils of institutions to the reality of the hierarchy of the world system, the hierarchy of money. All systems within and as the world system – politics, education, judicial, etc. – are subordinate to the money system, the almighty Dollar, Yen, Pound, Euro, Krone and so on leaving us with the reality that, Democracy in coexistence with the current money system has never been but an illusion of “free” choice, Democracy of Money.

The degree by which We the people have abdicated our will/power by not first-hand doing what requires to be done to collectively determine the course of humankind is the degree of power and control that we allot to government to govern/dictate as they will. As the saying goes, we reap what we sow. And for all those who still consider ignorance and apathy to be harmless right of free choice, here's a consideration. An able bodied man or woman that stands by and watches or turns a blind eye while a child is abused is first-hand the abuser for not standing between the sickness and the child. Free choice is but an illusion; there is always a price to be paid – the effect or consequence of cause, be it direct or by acquiescence.

So let's just call a spade a Spade. The problem with “Representative Democracy” (and the primary reason it's never functioned the way we have hoped it would) is because it's never been Democracy, at least not of the people by the people for the people. It's always been Democracy of the Money by the Money and for the Money.

Representative Democracy, representation by proxy is an oxymoron. No one ever participated in anything by sending a representative in his or her stead. Democracy of the people by the people for the people requires direct participation by all the people, all who are able, and participation is as much a responsibility as it is a right so as to ensure the continued functionality of the Democratic system.

What We the people have been participating in is the delusion that as a system, Representative Democracy functions other than by its design within the design of the predominate capitalist system, it doesn't. Just because the stated purpose or intention of the Representative Democracy is to represent the wants, needs and desires of the majority of the people, doesn't make it “materially” so for the majority of the people.

How will we ever know who's best at making all the decisions – a few politicians or all of the people – until we the people stand up and start doing it by taking responsibility and collectively making all of the decisions by ourselves? Isn't this a function of equality? Isn't this how Democracy was supposed to be? The age of communication/information technology is here. No more is there a need or justification for the few to decide for the many. Open Source Direct Democracy

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pledge of the Elected

I have for some time now been considering the points of politics and how to change the current situation without disrupting in such a way that causes negative/harmful effects or influences.

Two points or possibilities that I have been looking at are 1) the need or necessity for real democracy, also called direct democracy, and 2) the point of how to instill honesty but it's like accountability into politics and also the public domain. I guess that's more than two points, and when I expand upon them, they end up not being separate but several points which are inseparable yet require to be looked at and developed almost as stand alone points. Why? Because it's almost going to be impossible to get all of these points, all of these changes to be instituted at the same time; therefore it is – I would say – imperative that we consider solutions that are able to be implemented in kind of like Lego fashion, kind of like components of a system that are able to be replaced and upgraded without having to replace or even shut off the entire system.

The first point that I’m going to speak about is the point of accountability in the public offices of government. Governments all over the world have been and are upping their monitoring of citizens/everybody, so why don't we up our monitoring and surveillance of government? Surveillance of the people by the government is not the problem; not enough surveillance of the government by the people is I would say more relevant. After all it is the government that's making the rules, deciding basically what we can and can't do while the people sit back protesting occasionally with not really a clue as to what really goes on in the halls of government. Why don't we change the rules, change the focus, put it on the honesty/integrity of the people who claim to be serving the interests of the people while in reality the interests of the people are being back-sided, led into a hole in the ground.

The idea I have pertaining to government surveillance of the people is to turn this point around, use the momentum of the government-speak to direct the flows of government to the benefit of all; what's good for the people must also be good for the government. Let's demand – as it were – that the government follow/abide by their own rules. Let's insist that all newly elected officials pledge to institute of policy of open source accountability in all their official duties as elected officials.

Specifically I’m speaking of requiring all new and reelected public officials to (before they are elected or re-elected) sign a pledge that all of their public dealings will be open to the public, online 24/7. This means that all office telephones will be monitored, conversations recorded, all government offices will have cameras and microphones with leads to the internet for 24/7 live viewing and listening. Basically I’m speaking of doing everything possible to ensure that not one iota of public business transpires without the public having live listening and viewing access to it. Corporations monitor their private employees; let us monitor our government Employees. It's not just a matter of national interest, it's a matter of national security lol, people's civic responsibility.

Of course government officials will say that this is a ridiculous idea, that they require privacy, secrecy for our own good, that they need to be able to conduct public affairs out of the prying eyes of the public. However, when we look at the root cause of the allowance of such deceit within and as the political structures, we see that it's mainly due to unaccountability, the ability to be deceitful without being called out, caught. We also see that this institution of the people is no more an institution of the people than a private corporation is for the benefit of the people. Everything is in reverse; it looks and seems as though it's going the right way when in reality it's going in the opposite direction of what is best for the people, the animals, environment, earth . . .

We can change some things right away by using what we do actually have, the power of the vote. If we stand for this simple practical solution of imposing accountability onto politicians, their offices, everything, every aspect having to do with so-called public service, we are able to at the very least call the government's bluff. What is their bluff? It's their cards that their holding; they don't amount to the moral righteousness of the stand they're portraying. They are portraying the need of the people to accept for our own good the intrusiveness of government surveillance while they themselves surround themselves behind almost impenetrable walls, declaring those who would expose them to be enemies of the state. Theirs is not an honest stand; it's a stand of fear, fearing the very people/public they claim to be serving, and this fear will only intensify until we all expose ourselves as having nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear of each other.

Using our Internet platforms, we are able to simply spread the word that, any politicians who do not agree/sign the pledge of open government, i.e., agree to open all their conversations and dealing up to 24/7 Internet feeds, we will not vote for them.

Let's call the government's bluff and see what happens. Let's turn the tables, redirect the flows of surveillance onto the government itself. Let them spy on whomever the wish; let everyone spy on each other. If this is what it takes to bring about some accountability both in the realms of government and the private sectors, so be it. At least this way we'll all be able to see what each other is doing. Instead of trying to go against the current of surveillance, the exposing of secrets, let's embrace the current and direct it to the benefit of all.