Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Understanding the current form of Democracy for the purpose of Redefining and Redesigning it

Ever wonder why we the people of societies have not been able to eliminate government corruption, and why politicians have been unable to stop unscrupulous無良 activities of business men and women eager急于 to profit even if it means importing meat laced with Ractopamine or poisoning a nation's food and water supplies? 

To put It simply, it is because our various systems of government, especially those of modern-day democracies have all been designed to be subordinate下屬 to and thus defined by the hierarchy等级制度 of money. Accordingly, all systems such as the educational system, judicial system and so on within the world system are there to serve the people's money, but not the people. Why? Because this is the way the system is designed. All systems within (and as) the world system of humanity are based on the hierarchy of money wherein the value of everything can be defined in money, thus putting a price on of life and allowing anyone with enough money to get away with cutting down the rain forests, poisoning the oceans and even mass murder. 

Take for example representative democracy. What is this centuries old design of public administration still doing in the age of information communications technology? Certainly, in the days of horse travel and communications by printed-news and word of mouth, this form of limited people's participation (wherein a minority make the decisions for the majority) probably made some sense simply because it wasn't technology feasible可行的 to include all the people's voices in the decision making processes. 

Nowadays however, we have the communications technology and the infrastructure in the form of the Internet wherein we are able to instantaneously瞬間 communicate with one another while openly sharing all information so as to enable all of the people to expressly participate in a form of real democracy, open source and direct.

The reason democracies have never functioned the way people always hoped for is because our democracies have never been but in name, democracies of, by and for the people. They have always been democracies of the money by the money for the money. By accepting and allowing Money to become the dominant統治 system within humanity, we as humanity ended up also accepting and allowing money to override and therefore redefine the design of all other systems within the world-system of money; hence the inability to eliminate corruption in any society without concurrently同時 addressing and correcting wealth inequality within the system.

Why hasn't a new form of democracy yet materialized物化
Establishing a foundation of real (participatory) democracy of the people by the people for the people is a process of people taking responsibility by investigating how the world functions, realizing where the problems lie, designing solutions, and then standing as those solutions so to change the system of democracy by stepping up and becoming it. This is what (real) democracy of the people by the people for the people is all about, all the people taking responsibility for all the things.

Unfortunately, this process of people taking responsibility is being hindered by massive amounts of programming/brainwashing of the masses in efforts to keep the people from realizing our potential, that which we begin to accomplish when we stand united in the principle of equality rather than divided along the lines of liberal豁达 and conservative保守 ruling parties. 

Who is behind the brainwashing of society, bankrolling負責籌集 the efforts to keep people dumbed-down believing that our current forms of democracy are representative of the majority when in reality they are not? Ask yourself who benefits the most by keeping elitist-traditions精英主义传统 alive. The elite of course, those with most of the world's money, those who are currently in power and control. Eighty-five (85) of the richest people in the world now have more money than 3.5 billion of the poorest people in the world; where's the democracy/equality in that?

A minority (called government) in the service of those with the most money write the laws, tell us what we can eat, drink, think, buy, sell, plant, smoke, the places we may go and not go, and finally the penalties刑罰 should we disobey their laws and get caught. That we of so-called democratic代議制民主 societies do not even have a say in our national budgets國家預算, how much money goes to education, the education curriculum課程, minimum wadges, taxation, war, etc., is testament遺書 to the reality that today's so-called democracy is little more than an elaborate-hoax精心設計的騙局 wherein we the people have come to believe that in voting every now and then, we are making the decisions, when in reality the only votes being counted are those of the currencies貨幣 of money. It's called democracy of the people, but really it's just another form of mass manipulation操作, governmental systems in the service of money designed to keep a very small minority in positions of power control.

Although, we have excelled rapidly in information technology, we seem to have stumbled when it comes to using common-sense reasoning abilities to determine the difference between democracy of the people and autocracy專制 of the money. Why else would societies still be allowing our most important decisions to be decided upon by small groups of individuals who (other than the fact that they are also human) do not represent the majority of society? 

Somewhere along the lines of education-indoctrination灌輸 and mass-media大眾媒體 brainwashing, we as children to adulthood came to believe that government representatives represented the majority of the people when in reality, political representation (call it "a favor" if you will) goes to those who have the money and are willing to pay for the favors.

Look beyond the illusion幻觉 (beyond the veilsof government institutions機構 of corporate interests公司權益) to see the reality of the hierarchy等級 of the world system, the hierarchy of money that currently defines humanity. All systems within and as the world system of money: politics, education, judicial司法 and so on are currently within and subordinate下屬 to the world system of money, the almighty Dollar, Euro, Yuan, and so on, leaving us with the reality that democracy in coexistence共存 with the current world system of inequality has never been but an illusion of people's equal ability to participate in the political process. 

We as humanity have accepted and allowed the power of money to prevail战胜 over the equality of life; thereby, limiting each one's ability to expressly participate (within humanity) to the sum of money-power that he or she currently possesses or controls. This is why it's called the politics of money, and why nothing in this world gets done without sufficient sums of money. 

Consequently, even if a president or legislative representative does attempt to represent the majority of the people's interests ahead of the interests of those with the most money, he or she is likely to find it very difficult to get re-elected due to the fact that such politicians require large sums of money to finance their election-campaigns競選 in order to get into power and stay there. Keep this in mind the next time you decide to point a finger and blame politicians.

In understanding what is currently here as democracy of the money by the money for the money, we the people are able to unite in the principle of equality to design a new form of democracy, one that supports all. The opportunity is for us to utilize information communications technology of the Internet to equally enable all members of society to participate in the process of making all of society's decisions. How do we do this? As always, the journey for each one begins with the first step.

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