Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Battle Cry of World War III

As more people begin to stand up in the realization that real change is a doing that comes not from the external world-system but from within through a process of self change standing as the principle of equality in relationship to all, we who are in the process of standing as the principle of equality are making a difference, changing the world for the betterment of all.

Through the Internet, we the people in networks of relationships are uniting in words and deeds to take responsibility for ourselves and for all of this world. One by one, each of us that stand united in the principle of equality effectively turn-off a percentage of the flow of power to the elite; thus deconstructing the hierarchical pyramid of elitism one pillar at a time simply by standing as the  directive principle and taking our power back. This is the power that we the people have historically sacrificed within the design of elitism, allowing a few to harness and drain the power of our mind/physical bodies as well by following the way of competition in fear of one another, thus leaving us divided and powerless.

What was deemed by many to be the elites' most advanced weapon of mass enslavement is now turning out to be one of our most useful tools for unveiling the secrets that have birthed the fear. 

Humanity is entering into extreme times, and how we direct ourselves in mind and body will determine and or define not only our futures but the course of mankind. The choice as has always been is continue our race to the end or to simply stop the competition, stand up and live the principle of equality defined as it has been for thousands of years. Give unto others as you would have them give unto you, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Here are the keys to ending all wars; here are the keys to equality.

Although the battle has just begun and the war with ourselves is far from over, we who have stood and directed our words in common-sense consideration of what is best for all have shown the world but a glimpse of what we all-together are able to accomplish when we let go of our self-defeating weapons of blame so to cooperate in directing our will to the cause of equality, a world of stability wherein no man, woman or child need fear anymore for their survival because they were not born into the privileged bloodlines of the hierarchy of money.

In looking at the world at large, it may seem as though World War III is inevitable, but I say it is not. Nothing that was ever-written, physically manifested until the words became deeds lived and done; thus as we still breathe so too is there opportunity to change the course of humanity, stop and reverse the cause of war, the race to have more that has led to the experience of inequality. It's not economy stupid; it's inequality.

World War III need not be, but if there be a battle cry, let it be the sound of unity, one wherein we who would fight instead unite standing hand in hand to end all strife simply by living the principle of equality to thus reverse a world in reverse.

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