Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Solution to Exceptionalism

Vladimir Putin’s “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.” underscores the spitefulness of and as mankind’s original starting-point from which we as the human race have brought ourselves and this planet to the brink of extinction.

 Some people might think that the word, “Spite” is overkill, but really it’s not. And if people in general were not so brainwashed by religion, consumerism, education, culture, family, tradition and so on, this would be easy to see this.

In a closed in world – a vacuum called Earth – with limited resources, competition for resources should not even exist. But it does, which means that some have far more than an ‘equal’ share. Why? Because we steal it from the innocent and those that are less inclined or endowed to play and survive in this competitive game of exceptionalism.

In school, they'll tell you that these are the competitive rules by which all must abide, but I will tell you that this is just another part of the lie, a campaign to keep people brainwashed, deaf, dumb and blind.

You can blame “God’s will” or the so-called law of survival of the fittest, but when it’s all said and done, it just comes down to one word, spite. It’s a frame of mind embodied within and as the sea of humanity wherein drops of water believe themselves to be exceptional, separate from the sea.

There’s only one rule to understand:

 Be the best that one is able to be, which is defined as that which is in all-ways best for all.

Our freedom of choice as our right to spite one-another says to go-ahead and continue to ignore, pray if you like, anything to avoid having to actually do something that places you/me at risk of being the nail in the coffin that stood up just to get hammered back down.

From this dead-end of a Human Race as the sea of life in a constant state of self consumption, there is only one unending solution, a course correction (from the Rule of Spite) to the Principle of Oneness and Equality within what is best for all. Herein and as this open-source foundation of life, let us all unite to resolve the inequalities of Life.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Internet Information Accountability

  • The issue of Internet Privacy is being used in reference to keeping one's digital information/data secret/concealed from criminals, corporations, governments and the likes of the NSA. However, I would say that this term is being misused, perhaps intentionally for the purpose of confusing and misleading us to support that which we actually oppose. If we just take a step back, we might realize that it's not a question of Privacy in and as the Public Domain, but one of a lack of integrity and accountability.Privacy pertains to one's own personal space in/as the body of information that he or she would keep concealed/secret within and as that personal space. The Public Domain of digital information that encompasses all that has become the Internet as the Global Mind – of Potential – is in fact not able to be private or privatized due of the nature of its design, it's collective. Thus to demand privacy for one's digital information in/on/as the Internet is like demanding privacy while walking down a public street; you're not going to get it because of the nature of a public street, it's public domain.

    Although the majority of Internet privacy advocates probably use the Internet without intending to cause harm, what they may not realize is that, the privacy one demands for his/her information in and as the public domain is actually secrecy/anonymity – that which is currently being exploited by abusers who often do intend to cause harm. The issue of Internet Privacy cloaks anonymous-abuse under the guise of free-speech and privacy; thus distracting us from seeing the cause of the very abuse that is facilitated by Information anonymity/secrecy.

    It's a world in reverse: anonymous groups demanding privacy – in the Public Domain – for protection from the very-abuse that proliferates due to and thorough anonymity/secrecy/unaccountability, portrayed as free-speech and privacy in and as the Public Domain. This situation in which many currently find themselves spurred on by Anonymous groups in support of Internet privacy while at the same time ignoring the issue of Internet Integrity/Accountability is exactly where the information abusers would have us be: anonymously directed and distracted towards an issue such as privacy in the public domain, not realizing that Privacy, Secrecy and Anonymity in and as the public domain are all one and the same, Unaccountability, the grandfather of Abuse.

    The war against Information Abuse is with ourselves, and our common enemy, the spawn of Fear is Secrecy/Unaccountability. It hides within and as us-all behind the cloaks of Privacy, Anonymous, National Security, Classified, Confidential, Top Secret, For your Eyes Only, and so on to the cloak of Ignorance and the little white lies by which we infect our children, damning them to become that which deep-down inside we all realize is just an extension of the same lie.

    John F. Kennedy put elitism into perspective when he said “The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society”; however, what he failed to expose before he died, was the role that “We the people” play in authorizing repugnance at the higher levels of the system through our acceptances and allowances of repugnant secrecy/unaccountability within and as ourselves.

    Secrecy as the containment of information within and as any domain is by definition the absence of honesty which by default, limits the holders (us) to the lies we accept and allow ourselves to be-hold and be Hell-ed. Why should we the people expect, the elite to be transparent, open and honest in the Public domain with their secret information, when we ourselves insist on privacy/secrecy for ours? It's a double standard, a cycle of dishonesty/unaccountability that persists because neither the Masses nor the Elite have had the courage or will to be the first to lower their Informational weapons of Secrecy/Unaccountability.

    Information Unaccountability is a weapon of mass destruction that will continue to spread destruction, disease and death until “We the People” stand up and become accountable sources of all our information within and as the Public Domain. This is the window of opportunity that the Internet as the externalized collective mind of human information is currently presenting for us to stand up and remove our cloaks of secrecy; thus exemplifying that Fear is not to be feared but exposed for what it is and has always been, a lie obscuring the truth.

    What happens in the Internet as the external collective mind, also happens in the internal minds of human beings. Thus, by standing and supporting 100% Information Accountability within and as the Internet, we will not-only nurture Integrity within and as the Internet, but also within and as ourselves as humanity; thus welcoming the end to the age of Abuse, and  a new beginning perhaps for mankind. As we the people stand and begin to lower our Informational weapons of secrecy, so too will the corporations, governments and spy agencies, for who are they but us.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World System of Money in Crisis

Previously on The World Money System:
The world system – like it or not, is the manifested representation of what is here, in/on/as planet earth. Flowing within and from the world-system is the world system of money – the manifested representation of humanity's relationship to itself and everything else. In other words, within and as the world system of Money is the schematics/blueprints of humanity's relationship to all that is here as planet Earth. Thus, by investigating, understanding, and then redesigning the money system, we are able to give the world system an opportunity to slow down, catch its breath, and begin the process of healing: in essence, a complete planetary makeover without having to close down the planet.

What's wrong with the current Capitalist System and Why is it Crashing?
In a nutshell, the biggest defect of our current money system lies in its valuation of money. There is no standard that remains unchanged from cradle to grave, as in “the only true value is life”, and as such there in no absolute/indisputable, agreed upon equality of anything, not labor, not life, and (thanks to the latest Cyprus heist) not even monies of the same currency. There is however, an abundance of fear, and this is going to get worse, and worse, as the World Financial System comes crashing down.

Why is the current Capitalist system in the process of crashing?
For the perception/illusion of money as value to exist, it must consume and consume. Think of money as a parasite that feeds off the host – planet earth and all its resources. As the parasites feed, they multiply by transforming physicality into money, the illusion/perception of value. As long as the parasites – better known as consumers, do not exceed the host's ability to renew itself, the sustainability of the relationship “may” be maintained. Unfortunately, as the consumer has always only been interested in its own survival, greed and desire for more, the physical deterioration of Earth has for the most part gone unnoticed in favor of ignorance and illusion/money. In other words, the relationship between money and Earth, has become unsustainable to the point that we are now in the end-game of Capitalism as we know it.