Saturday, May 10, 2014

Changing the Nature of our Nations

We, the I's of communities, cities, states and nations are the I's that define and / or determine through our relationships the nature of ourselves, the nature of our nations, the nature of humankind.

Be we the people of apathy and ignorance or we the people integrity standing as pillars of equality within and as what is best for all, we as the I's of societies, the ones of humanity weave the web of relationship lines, the designs that define and/or determine the nature of ourselves, the nature of our nations, the nature of humanity.

In understanding how each one of us participates through our actions or inaction (notice the two words are basically identical), we enable ourselves to take charge of not only the directions of our individual lives but also the directions of our nations and the direction of humankind.

Historically, there have always been movements in our world but they have not always considered the rest of the world in the sense that, not all relationships outflows were taken into account; therefore, some might have benefited while others suffered. For example, the quest for ever cheaper products, has resulted in lost jobs and lower wages.

Key to understanding how to change the workings of our nations is to understand that: 1) Everything is interconnected; 2) As we are the people of our nations, the only way we're going to change the workings of these nations is to change the workings of their constituent components, ourselves.

Calling on the 1% to change their behavior to make the world a better place is like calling on guns and grenades to stop the wars without considering wherein "I as one in relation to all" have accepted the existence of war and through my actions or inactions am allowing it to continue.

When looking at the roles one's actions or inactions cause, it's necessary to be self-honest and not participate in the game of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Investigate all things, especially where your money is going. You may be surprised to find that the same corporations that produce your favorite brands of food substitute also profit from the miseries of war - wherein similar products are also used to poison the water supplies or defoliate the trees. From these investigations, consider “who I am” in relation to where my money is going/supporting. Be self-honest and simply change these relationships. Or don't change them; you decide, just please do not deny/our your abilities to make a difference.

When we point our fingers in blame, demanding that others take action and reform, we deny our roles as the living integrals that make up the interconnected relationships of cause and effect; thereby abdicating – to the extent that we deny – our ability to stand as authorities and take responsibility for determining and implementing change to effect solutions.
  • Who makes the bombs? We the people do!
  • Who fight the wars? We the people do!
  • Who comprise and compromise our nations? We the people do!
  • Who enforce the laws? We the people do!
  • Who collect the Taxes? We the people do!
  • Who collect the debts? We the people do!
  • Who is humanity? We the people are, 100%!
  • How do we change the world? 
  • We change what we will accept and allow in our relationships!
The small percentage of the population that we call the elite do not enforce upon the masses the income gap, the distribution of wealth, the distribution of resources,  minimum wages, taxes, laws, etc. We ourselves do! We the people are the only ones able to change the state of inequality or our nations, the nations of humanity.

Solutions such as Living Income Guarantee are ready to be implemented. The catch is that, the one percent is not going to do it; not because they agree or disagree with equality but because they are not able to do for the masses that which each one requires to do for one's self, change the nature of one's relationships to the nature of equality within what is best for all.

To become an integral part of the big solution, look inside of self; for it is here within and as the small of each-one's relationships that we define and/or determine the nature of ourselves which in turn defines and/or determines the nature of the bigger relationships – all the way on up to the nature of humanity.

Our Votes as living/breathing constituents of nations of peoples of humanity are not yes, no, for and against pieces of paper that we slip into boxes. Our 'living votes' as the determinants of the workings of our communities, cities, states and nations are the who we are (in thought, word and deed) as components of the relationships in and as the small of ourselves in connection to one-another/all, that form the relationship components of the world system, the nature of humanity, the collective reflection of the natures of ourselves.

Each One-I of humanity has a responsibility as the ability to determine who each is in relation to all. Walk to live and become a pillar of responsibility/integrity and participate in determining the nature of self, the nature of humanity and the future of humankind. Abdicate this responsibility, and . . .

Life is defined by and in relationships. As such, the best that one is able to be really is of (relationship) equality within and as what is best for all. Our responsibilities to ourselves, one-another and all, are to become the best that we are able to be and become - that which is in all ways best for all. Giving and doing unto one another as one would in-turn be given and have done unto is the gift that we give ourselves by giving it to one another.

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