Sunday, October 15, 2017

As the US Dollar Slips Quietly or not so Quietly Into the Night...

Equal Money as Monetary System:
As the US dollar slips quietly or not so quietly into the night, the most prominent opportunity that humanity has ever had to establish an equitable world system begins to come into view. Whether we call it Equal Money, Universal Basic Income or Living Income Guaranteed is irrelevant compared to the change we create in relation to this opportunity, change that is aligned with the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all.

As the powers that be (not just the elite, but all of us) push and pull for position, as the old system of debt slavery implodes and a new system arises, it is inevitable that the suffering once relegated to segments of society will continue to spread through all of humanity and this as I view it is the way it should be. When one suffers, all should suffer; when one benefits, all should benefit. Since the beginning, we have been writing about our journey.  Now we begin to realize our ability not only to write about ourselves, but also write ourselves right as we journey. These are our of our creational abilities; I guess we just misplaced the instructions.

Moving along, writing right reality as we move through it and create it, I suggest that our immediate goal in these times be focused not only on changing ourselves, but also on expanding the opportunity for others (those without an opportunity to participate equally) to raise their awareness and participate equally as co-creators of our existence. How do we practically do this in these difficult times? By doing whatever it takes to establish a new world currency or currencies to replace “all” of the old ones and then by distributing the new currencies equally to all of humanity on a weekly or biweekly basis.  This is where the likes of Vladimir Putin, Xi JinPing (and other involved in efforts to change the money system) have the opportunity and responsibility to bring the new currency systems online “now” and embrace the universal basic income to addresses the basic needs of every single man, woman and child on the planet.

Even though the devaluation and elimination of currencies such as the US dollar will result in new suffering, such events will also serve to eliminate much of the financing behind so much more suffering, thereby creating outflows of net-benefit to all = dare I say, what is best for all. Thus, I do say and state, as the old system crashes and fiat monies burn, let us quickly implement and embrace a world-wide universal basic income to distribute the new currencies for the immediate purposes of sustaining life, maintaining the circulation of the system and facilitating the expansion of people participation.  

In conclusion (for now), in the new system, everyone will have a place and a role to play. Even those who once sought to enslave are able to forgive themselves by giving themselves renewed purpose based on the principle of oneness, equality and what is best for all. With this understanding, we will see that companies such as Google and Facebook are not the people’s enemies, but our assets to be retasked and realigned  to support that which is best for all. And who better to do that then the geniuses who helped build such companies. Whereas, once those CEO’s may have sought to control the minds of humanity, now they have a much more worthy challenge - to participate in uniting the minds of humanity to cooperate to create a new world system based on the principles of oneness, equality and what is best for all.

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