Monday, June 27, 2016

What does Brexit mean for Democracy?

Image result for eye of the pyramidMy guess is that, people are finally beginning to realize how little democracy we have actually been expressing. We have been brainwashed into believing that, democracy is all about the opportunity to vote for a candidate (from a list of 2-3), the one who will supposedly get to make all of the decisions for the next four years. It has all been a lie based on ideas that we have bought into and become part of. 

Even though the people got to vote on Brexit, the decision to allow them to vote was still made by groups of elite who still operate from behind the curtain. My guess is that (as I wrote about several years ago), there is a divide in the upper ranks of the elite behind the scenes. The side represented by the USA, NATO, the EU, BIS and so on seem to prefer more war. They are losing their grip on power and when that goes, there will perhaps be an accounting, which is what many people fear the most. The other side, represented by Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church, BRICS nations and (I guess) the awakening people prefer to move in the direction of more equality, which of course means more democracy.

The point that I care to make is this. Regardless of what games the elite seem to be playing; whatever their moves may be, those moves will be an outflow as a reflection of what we the 99.999 percent of the people accept and allow. Change comes from the masses, not the minority. Therefore, I suggest that, we use this momentum to keep the pressure on, keep pushing for more democracy = more equality = a more equal distribution of wealth. 

Democracy, as a form of collective decision-making can be measured within any segment of society or all of humanity, based on the distribution of opportunity (that people are afforded) to participate equally within the decision-making processes of society. 

The distribution of (quantifiable) opportunity to participate equally within society is the same as the distribution of wealth. Therefore, in order for us as humanity to increase our level of democratic expression, we require to decrease the level of wealth inequality. Interestingly, this is exactly what is currently happening.

While the middle-class has just about been wiped out, what many may not have considered is that, without the middle class, there will be no one left to hold up the upper classes. What we saw in the past with the middle-class collapsing was perhaps a result of the elite wanting to further the divide between the rich and the poor. What they perhaps did not realize was that, if you remove the middle blocks of the pyramid, the upper blocks are also going to fall and so too will the eye the pyramide. This is what is happening now (as seen in the market crashes); the billionaire-blocks are beginning to fall, which will leave the trillionaire blocks without support to hold them in place.  Thus, the trillionaire elite blocks of bloodlines at the top of the money system are waging war against one another for the power remain in control.

In short, The UK's vote to leave the EU represents somewhat of a move in the direction away from top-down rule of inequality. Moverover, it represents an opportunity for people to continue standing up and removing ourselves from the clutches of tyranny. A point to consider is that, change for the better in the world system comes from self-change for the better  that accumulates within and as humanity.


  1. Great reading. Just wondering how a Trump win would shake things up. He has several times said he wants a rapprochement with Moscow. Some very powerful rich people in the US/EU/NATO would be highly annoyed by this. Is it possible they would they try to eliminate him?

  2. The US/EU/NATO elite apparently want Clinton, while the other side is perhaps willing to work with Trump. What you are suggesting certainly is possibility, as Putin has already warned