Saturday, July 23, 2016

Is NATO a terrorist Organization?

Today, I posted a picture with the following caption on a Facebook post: The fear caused by the NATO alliance clearly demonstrates that, NATO, led by criminal central bankers within the IMF, BIS, World Bank, ECB and Federal Reserve of the USA is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Once again, NATO is a terrorist organization controlled by terrorists. Just turn off CNN for a moment and check in to reality.

Everything eventually comes back to us and, what we see now in the world system as the externalized reflection of the human collective is the reflection of the nature of ourselves. Therefore, when I say that, NATO is a terrorist organization, I am also saying that, every country of NATO is a supporter of terrorism, which is to say that, the citizens of NATO nations are supporting terrorism. Man know thyself! If leaders representing nations order acts of terrorism to be carried out, those represented by the leaders are in reality, terrorists, too.

Think about it! Is there any difference between the US government that ordered the slaughter of men, women and children in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, and the citizens that government represented? Aside from the children, I personally do not see the difference between governments that order acts of terrorism and their citizens who stand by and do nothing about it. The fear of retaliation from government will keep people in line for a time, but eventually, that monster of a reflection will get so big, leaving nowhere to turn to avoid facing the reflection of ourselves.

Representative democracy is a form of collective decision-making – representative of the people’s acceptances and allowances. In the case of NATO nations, it appears that, as long as the people are being fed and there is some hope for a better life, the people will accept and allow their governments to terrorize whomever they like. For example, just after France’s latest terrorist attack, wherein a truck driver allegedly killed 84 people, the French president, Fran├žois Hollande allegedly ordered the bombing of civilians in Syria, thereby murdering 140 men, women and children. Who is the bigger terrorist? Based on the information and the definition of terrorism, president, Fran├žois Hollande looks like a terrorist to me. That, Hollande represents the people of France makes the citizens of France complicit in terrorism.  The same argument applies to citizens of every nation that accept and allow their governments or leaders to cause harm in the name of their nations.  No wonder, so few are willing to face and acknowledge reality or our complicity. It is frightening.

The NATO alliance to protect one another in case of attack emboldens member nations such as the US to terrorize other nations; therefore, I say we demilitarize the entire organization, beginning with the USA. The reason I now call out NATO is that, their war games and positioning of forces and nuclear weapons, has increased the possibility of war with Russia, which would likely lead to WWIII and nuclear holocaust.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to stand up and speak out in favor of nation to nation cooperation, the disarming of NATO and the elimination of central banking cartels.

Although, some of my compatriots would deny that the USA is a terrorist state, choosing instead to focus on the good that they are able to accomplish, I say that, we are only as good as the worst of what we have accepted and allowed. Therefore, until we the people of nations, such as the USA face-up to the reality that, we are the citizens of terrorist states; we will only continue to be powerless, enslaved by our denial in fear of facing reality, for fear of having to accept responsibility.  

Our words are our power and we are able to write and speak them to change the current situation and create a better one. It is not pleasant to say; nevertheless, someone has to say it. The NATO alliance has become a terrorist organization; therefore, I vote that we demilitarize it immediately. Furthermore, as central banking cartels have done nothing but encourage and enforce debt-slavery throughout the world, I vote that we also eliminate them in the process of implementing a new equal money system.

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