Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shifting of Power & Control in the World System

An interesting thing about the geopolitical movements of today in relation to revelations coinciding with an awakening of the masses is that, while the power at the top of the pyramid appears to be shifting quite quickly, the verticale, top down hierarchical structure of power and control seems to be flattening (on the way to equality) much more slowly.

In other words, although the power at the top is shifting very quickly from various elite groups to fewer elite groups via what I would call consolidation, the vertical distribution of power from top to the bottom appears to be changning much more slowly. In many ways, this is to be expected because movements “as above so below” are always portional.
In other words, as changes occur above at the top of the hierarchy of the world system of power and control, so to are they occurring proportionally at the bottom. It’s kind of like, for 20 people to change in the above hierarchical structure of the elite minority at the top, millions of the people require to change proportionally below. It’s a matter of the masses below, taking back their power that we once gave to bloodlined elites and redirecting it.

The only problem is that, instead of standing up, taking responsibility and utilizing our power in the best interests of all, far too many people are simply redirecting their power to other elite groups. Perhaps, the simplest way to visualize this is to have a look at Donald Trump’s victories in relation to the deep state. In terms of the battle against the deep-state minions of the elite, we are winning. However, in terms of war with the deep state, which is actually a war with ourselves, we’re simply shifting the balance of power. Have a look, the eye is still at the top.
These are exciting times we’re living in. Filled with fear, hope and a lot of determination not fall once again into the trap of revolution only to recycle into the same hierarchical power structure with different memes or faces at the top. Nevertheless, rule by meritocracy is still a form of hierarchical rule wherein there will still be an eye/I at the top, and this is what we need to transcend - the idea that there has to be a king, god or supreme being.

Thus, I say unto all, do not be fooled into believing that you are winning or have won simply because aother side is losing or has lost. To those on the Right, pay close attention to the maneuvers now taking place in the name of bringing back the rule of law, opening up the FEMA camps, rounding up the evil ones, prosecuting them in military tribunals and hanging them for treason. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that what we most feared might happen to us if the deep state and Hillary had won the election?
This is simply a warning not to get our hopes up. Unfortunately, the uprising (of awareness) may not happen as fast as many have hoped. In this part of the process, even cryptocurrencies designed to appear as paths to freedom are by way of the current model of global energy consumption, designed not to free humanity, but to destroy the world system and annihilate most of humanity along with it.

In short, the exponential increase of mining of cryptocurrencies is not only depleting it of earth of its resources faster than ever before, but it is also diverting useful money out of the economy at the same pace. Where is all that fiat money going? Back into the hands of the elite via their ownership and control, not only of the energy infrastructure, but also of the cryptocurrencies themselves. In owning such a large percent of the currency, the elite are able to control the price of it, just as they controlled the fiat currencies. Before, they had to own the bank to rob us; now the cryptocurrencies are simply replacing the banks. As they are currently designed, cryptocurrencies are just another scam being perpetrated by the elite for the purpose of transferring the wealth back to themselves. FOr more on this, check out quinn michaels and his talks with Jason Goodman. For a more existential, mind blowing perspective, check out Eqafe
To restate: as I view it, the change currently taking place within the hierarchy of power and control of the world system is currently more of a consolidation of power at the top of the pyramid, rather than a flattening down to an equality based structure. That being said, it is certainly movement in the right direction and as I recall, “the plan” was to consolidate the power into one head at the very top, kind of like leaving a table with only one leg so as to facilitate bringing bringing it down should the need arise.

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